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Jiangsu Yongnian Laser Forming Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. It is located in Jiangsu Kunshan High-tech Zone robot industry park. It was founded by Professor Yan Yongnian of Tsinghua University. Mainly engaged in 3D printing technology, laser forming technology, industrial robot technology and equipment research and development, design, manufacturing, sales and technical services, is a manufacture and application of metal 3D printing equipment and technology development, the high-tech enterprises.

The company is relying on the Tsinghua University, the implementation of innovation driven development strategy ", in the succession of Professor Yan Yongnian R & D team in the basic research field of more than 20 years of rapid prototyping, pay more attention to the common key technology research and original innovation, has a professional fine and high level R & D team, including 3 professors, Dr. 1, master 15, junior college and undergraduate 22 people, with domestic and international advanced level of R & D capability; has 3 invention patents, 6 utility model patents. The founder of the company, the legal representative of Professor Yan Yongnian is known as the "first" domestic 3D printing, won the two national science and technology progress award 3, third-prize 2, other provincial and ministerial level awards more than 10, is the chief adviser to China 3D printing technology industry alliance, Jiangsu province increasing material manufacturing Specialized Committee chairman.

Companies based on independent innovation as the main, market-oriented, adhere to the "production, learning, research" market-oriented operation model. The establishment of "enterprise academician workstation and the national CIMS Engineering Research Center in Tsinghua University and academician Wu Cheng; Shijiazhuang Railway University, East China Jiaotong University, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Guangxi Medical University, Jiangsu 3D printing products quality supervision and inspection center established collaborative innovation laboratory. The company has won third China contest of innovation and entrepreneurship in advanced manufacturing industry group second, Jiangsu province machinery industry innovation of advanced enterprises in Jiangsu Province, "specialized, refined, special" new product award and high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu province and other awards and honorary titles, in the country's top metal 3D printing industry in Jiangsu Province is increasing material manufacturing Specialized Committee chairman of the unit.

The company's main products are 3 major categories: laser range melting, SLM equipment, laser cladding deposition forming, LCD system integration and metal 3D printing applications and services. On the basis of self-developed shape control software Zflash, the company has been innovating, developing, realizing multi functions, expanding many fields, and completing the advanced production equipment. Among them, our SLM equipment in the field of 3D printing is presented for the first time and the application of "integrated design" precision related multi system concepts and methods, combined with the characteristics of laser melting and sintering process, the cylinder block and the hydraulic cylinder piston pair technology applied to the equipment, has a guide to good sealing and anti blocking, easy maintenance and assembly accuracy etc.. Formed a diversified production system, applicable to different metal materials and forming requirements, and can meet the needs of industrial production, medical applications, scientific research and training.

Our independent research and development of LCD system integration design, first proposed the selective laser melting, laser cladding of SLM equipment, LCD equipment and high power laser, big data, integrated industrial robots achieve interoperability on the same platform, adopts the advanced CNC system in the leading domestic level. It can be widely used in metal forming and key parts repair in the fields of aviation, spaceflight, ship, nuclear power, metallurgy, automobile spare parts, industrial moulds and medical implants.

Our mastery of core technology based on the foundation, has the domestic advanced metal 3D printing equipment, to provide applications and services package "metal 3D printing for the customer, can meet the needs of different industries, different clients and the effectiveness of individual needs. We have always been adhering to the enterprise tenet of "continuous innovation, scientific and technological innovation, and sustainable management". We are committed to becoming the most influential 3D printing equipment provider, system integrator and application service provider in china.



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