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Metal 3D printer YLM-T150


Device description:

The working cylinder adopts a round design, and the forming chamber achieves the sealing effect at the hydraulic cylinder level. Z resolution of up to 5um;
The forming chamber, the main body and the working cylinder are integrally formed. Stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, cobalt chromium alloy and other metal materials can be directly formed;
Multi function metal 3D printing equipment, small batch production. Equipment application: 
Scientific research, teaching and research and development of new materials; 
Aerospace, high-end complex mold manufacturing, digital medical.

YLM-200 technical parameters:
Equipment model YLM -t150
The forming space is 150mm in the horizontal direction and 100mm in the height direction
Minimum spot size 40-700um
The laser power 200W, single-mode fiber laser, the long-term power fluctuation of less than 4%
Laser wavelength 1060-1070nm
Scanning galvanometer, high speed scanning galvanometer, F-theta lens, enclosed optical system, highest scanning speed 7m/s
Quantitative feeding of powder coating mechanism (patent design)
The atmosphere in the shaping chamber controls oxygen content below 100ppm
Inert gas consumption less than 4L/min
Minimum forming wall thickness 100um
Minimum delamination thickness 20um
Forming accuracy + 0.05mm/100mm
Density of formed parts >98%
It can be used as forming material, stainless steel, mould steel, cobalt chromium alloy, titanium alloy, aluminium alloy, oxygen free copper and nickel base superalloy
Maximum power consumption of equipment, 5kW, 220V power supply standard
Equipment dimensions 1543mm, x, 1083mm, x, 1989mm (length, width, height), weight 1000KG
Software for forming control software Zflash (Yongnian laser independent development)

Equipment features:
The working cylinder adopts a round design, and the forming chamber achieves the sealing effect of the hydraulic cylinder level, which can effectively prevent leakage of metal powder, improve the service life of the lifting system, and simultaneously reduce the powder loss and pollution.
Forming control software and data processing software model separately, equipment control computer only needs to install the forming control software, forming control software support cli common slice data format, but also support hierarchical data format magicrp and other professional data processing software, the user choose freedom.
Support equipment parameters, upload network, provide network diagnosis function, can provide remote assistance for users.
The forming chamber, the main body and the working cylinder lifting system are integrally formed, and the position accuracy is guaranteed by the precise NC machining center. The precision of forming Z direction and the accuracy of powder placement are greatly improved, and the minimum Z resolution is up to 5um.
The sealed powder feeding device in the isolated atmosphere will not add oxygen to the metal powder during the forming process, and will be suitable for some active metal materials of Yu Chengxing;
A controlled quantitative powder feeding structure is adopted to replace the traditional two way powder feeding mode, and the powder feed rate can be adjusted in real time through the parameters, so as to greatly improve the material utilization rate;
Unique replaceable scraper design, the scraper is composed of two soft and hard materials. The soft material which meets the powder material is easy to change. It can protect the workpiece from damage and ensure the quality of scraping;
The process parameters of open interface, users can set their own materials according to the types of laser power, scanning speed, delay, specimen, amount of powder and other process parameters, provides a convenient for users of the new materials forming process.





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